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5 Event Planning Tips for Newbie Event Coordinator

1. Resting means rusting.

Continue learning and sharpening your skills. You spend tons of time organizing events and celebrations, but you must never forget to learn new strategies to improve the quality of your events. More knowledge will come once you get out of your comfort zone. There are tons of event planning conferences you can attend all over the world.

2. Explore green event programs.

Working on green events is worth it. Use your profession to do your part in lessening carbon footprints, and taking care of mother nature. Inquire about sustainable alternatives that are available at the venues you are working with. Design great event experiences with sustainability in mind.

3. Data is your BFF.

Each event planning decision you make is supported by data. This means that you need to determine new approaches to improve your efforts. Utilize quantifiable metrics in order to check if your decisions will have a real impact.

4. Creativity is key to a successful event.

Creativity has no limits. If you want to improve your performance as an event coordinator, learn from the strategies of the top event planners in Malaysia. Stay creative, and continuously look for inspiration, even outside the event industry.

5. Grow your network.

The primary reason why event planners spend a lot of time on venue visits is that they don’t always have trusted contacts on a specific city. You can do this, too. Invest a big part of your precious time in establishing new connections.