A 10-Point Checklist to Help You Choose the Right Web Designer for You
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A 10-Point Checklist to Help You Choose the Right Web Designer for You


Big companies and corporations have the luxury to spend huge amounts of money to buy and acquire resources and personnel. Sadly, small business owners do not have the same luxury and every money they spend should be well worth it.

If you are going to hire a web designer, what are the things that you need to consider in order for you to get the right one for your website development company?

Pay Attention to Their Attentiveness

If you’re going to talk to a potential web designer, you have to pay close attention to how attentive they are. Are they asking questions? If so, what questions are they asking? Furthermore, are they making efforts to know more about your business? If the web designer does such things, then they are for keeps.

Look at Their Portfolio

Every web designer today has their own portfolio. Take a brief look at it and see if their web design is something that you want on your own website.

Did They Implement Themselves?

Ask the web designer if all of the design implementations on their portfolio websites are completely done by them or if they asked the help of other people (like web developers, for example).

Do They Work Strategically?

Ask them if they have a set structure in the sense that they work methodically. If they could present you with their methods and strategic planning, then that would be great.

Do They Do Marketing?

Websites nowadays must always have search engine optimization techniques applied to it so that it can be found on the search engines. Ask them if they know how to implement those SEO techniques and if they also do some digital marketing as well.

Ask Them About Their Pricing

Ask the web designer about their pricing models. At this price, what can you expect from them? Do they offer aftersales support? Do they offer maintenance jobs? Typically, a quality website can cost anywhere between $2500-$5000 depending on the web designer you’re talking to.

Ask About Billing

How will they bill you? Are they working remotely or can you visit them locally? How often are they going to invoice you?

Pay Attention to New Add-ons

There are some web designers that continuously add new things on your website that can increase the overall costs that you have to pay. Pay close attention to this and do not fall into their trap, especially if you only have a limited budget.

Ask Around

Research more on your web designers and find out about their recent clients. Ask if they have a pretty good track record and if they work efficiently and effectively.

Create a Contract

Once you’ve selected some web designers and put them on your shortlist, present them with your contract. Allow them to read the terms and conditions and if they agree with all of them, then you can hire them.

Be sure to put in the contract that any rights to the websites are reserved only to you and no one else. This means that any aesthetic and functional implementations on your website should be exclusive to you (though not everything).