Choosing the Right Bottles and Nipples for Your Baby in Some Easy Steps

Whether you are feeding breastmilk or baby formula to your infant, it is important that you use the right tools for the job. To help administer the milk in a more convenient way, parents usually resort to using a baby milk bottle.

Now, such bottles would come in sets which means that aside from the bottle itself, it will also come with a nipple as well. The latter is what is used to administer the milk to your baby and it comes in different configurations, as well as different materials as well.

Given that choosing the right one is hard, simply because there are so many different types out there, I am going to provide you with the information to help you pick the best one for your baby.

Bottle Materials

There are two common materials used in the production of baby milk bottles. These are glass and plastic. A lot of mothers nowadays make use of glass baby bottles because they fear that plastic variants may contaminate the milk with Bisphenol-A. For those of you who do not know, BPA is used to make plastics more durable.

Anyway, although glass baby bottles can be sterilized using boiling water and the fact that it is more robust than plastic, it does have its disadvantages as well.

The most obvious con is the fact that it is much heavier than plastic and it also breaks when it falls off your baby’s table or crib.

Plastic bottles are also quite common and are usually the preferred option by some parents. Do not worry as most baby bottles nowadays are ensured that they do not come with Bisphenol-A, simply because the FDA told the manufacturers to be careful with this chemical.

They are quite inexpensive and lightweight, making them an ideal feeding tool for your kid. Just make sure to clean them thoroughly without boiling it.

Silicone bottles are also a thing. They are made with the purpose of alleviating the fears of the use of plastic, while also making sure that it doesn’t break like their glass counterparts.

There are also bottles that are made of stainless steel, but they are more expensive and they are pretty much hard to find.

Bottle Types

Just like the materials used in making the bottle itself, it also comes in different types as well. The Angle-neck bottles have a bent neck that will prevent the formation of air bubbles around the nipple area.

Vented bottles also act the same way to that of the angle-neck variants, with the difference in design in that it looks more like a straw than an angled neck.

Wide-mouth baby bottles are wider, but shorter than your average bottle. They typically come with nipples that mimic the real thing.

Nipple Material

Along with baby bottles, there is also the nipple that will administer the milk as well. You can choose either silicone or latex- with the former being more flexible and the latter being more sensitive.

You also have to consider its shape as well. There are some nipples that mimic the real breast and there also some that would be much stiffer- making it easier for your baby to nibble on.