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Easy Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Watch that Will Complement Your Suit

Your formal wear is something that will make you standout in the crowd. If you go to
formal events, then you will not only require a good suit but you will also need to have
the perfect timepiece for such occasions as well.
Choosing the right men’s watches for formal events would depend on a number of
factors. But, with so many different options out there on the market, one would be
bombarded with different features and information that will make the task of choosing
the perfect watch so much more difficult than it needs to be.
Fortunately, those that are reading this article will be enlightened as this post will center
on the most important tips to help you find the right timepiece that will complement what
you are wearing, especially for formal events.

Consider the Size of Your Wrist

When choosing the perfect timepiece, it is important to consider your wrist size as it will
help you which size watch you’re going to choose.
For the most part, the watch diameters can range anywhere between 38-46 millimeters,
with the smallest one perfect for those that have a relatively small wrist.
Now, how should you go about this? Well, you will have to fit the watch on your wrist
first. Take special attention to the lugs or those small protruding parts where the wrist
strap is attached to.
The lugs will tell you if the watch is just too big for you or it is just the right fit. Ideally,
you want those lugs to be well-within your wrist.
Although you can certainly wear big watches if you are at informal events, that is a huge
no-no for more formal occasions.

The Strap

Most men would really love to go for the metallic watch straps simply because it makes
them look more manly than ever. However, not a lot of people actually love wearing
those straps because you rarely get a precise fit and some would even consider it
adding some heft to your wrist.
Well, if you do choose a metallic strap, you’d want to go for a metallic gray or silver
since this goes really well with whatever formal suit you are wearing. But, if you want a
more specific approach, you’d want to choose platinum, silver, or stainless steel if you
are wearing black suits or if you are wearing a suit that is either navy blue or gray, you
may want to choose a rose gold metallic strap or better yet, a leather strap to highlight
the suit you are wearing as well.

Watch Style

For formal events, you’d want the simplest quartz or analog watch you can find since
they fit well for such occasions. Digital watches are considered a no-no in this regard.
I would argue that the simpler the watch face is, the better. Though you can opt for
those that have other features such as a chronograph, for example, but a simple watch
is perfect for formal events.