Is Wearing Your Favorite Watch All of the Time Perfectly Acceptable?

I think it is safe to say that people who own watches definitely have their own timepiece. I, for one, really love my automatic watch simply because it looks really nice and it is definitely a good conversation piece. However, is it perfectly acceptable to be wearing your favorite watch no matter what the occasion is? Well, the answer is not really cut-and-dry.

You see, although there are watches that you consider as your favorites, it is important that you also think about how it will look with your current outfit.

My grandfather always told me that a watch is the only acceptable accessory that a man can wear and that is why I need to pair my watch with the clothes that I am going to wear on a particular event.

So although you could technically wear your favorite watch, if you want to look dapper, it is best that you also think about how it will look on you overall, especially when wearing a particular set of clothes.

If you want to find out some tips on wearing a watch to match your style, do read further until the end of the article to find out what they are.

Be Acquainted with All of the Functions

A watch’s basic functionality is its ability to tell the time. Of course, the watches that you can find on the market today are now equipped with what they call as watch complications which is just a term used to refer to additional features.

That being said, to know how to match your watch with your style (and the activities that you are going to do), it is important that you actually know all of the features that your watch can provide.

For example, using a chronograph watch might be great for smart-casual events or whenever you exercise and sweat a lot, but it certainly does not look good if you are donning a formal suit.

Go Simple

Ideally, if you are going to wear a timepiece on a formal event, you want that watch to be as simple as possible without all of the other bells and whis