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Misused Mobile UX Patterns

Take A Good Look At These Examples And See What You Can Do With Them

Gaining inspiration from other UI designs is not stealing. It’s just part of best practice research, and we all need to follow the guidelines. As mobile app owners, we need to make sure that we are utilizing patterns that other users are familiar with.

Below are some patterns which are considered part of the industry’s best practices.

Tutor Overlays As Onboarding

Onboarding pertains to the very first encounter between the app and the user. In various cases, what comes with this is the display of overlay tutorials to the user, in order to explain the entire interface.

In what way is this an ineffective solution? Well, they would just skip your tutorial intro. All they want to do is start your mobile app. Also, even if they notice the tutorials, they would easily close the overlays.

Creative Yet Unintuitive, Empty States

What is an empty state? It is something that’s easily overlooked by several inexperienced app designers. However, this can be a crucial component when it comes to user experience.

Hidden Navigation

Research shows that exposing menu choices in a more visible approach can increase user satisfaction, revenue and engagement. That is why several big players are now shifting to relevant navigation options which are always visible.

Icons Everywhere

Several mobile apps are now replacing text labels with engaging icons. After all, abstract pictograms take less space, right? But, do you know that it’s a very common mistake to assume that many users are familiar with abstract pictograms? This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t utilize icons, though. Icons still improve discoverability of menu items, and they can incorporate a nice touch to the app.

Gesture-Based Navigation

Gestures are very popular among app designers, and has been a subject of their experimentation since day one. Though, just like icons and navigation, using gestures can result to some issues. They need to be learned and discovered for every app. No standard gesture list exists, so there is no consistency among apps.