Purchasing Proportional Watches: Buying the Right Size for Your Wrist

  • Purchasing Proportional Watches: Buying the Right Size for Your Wrist

    November 11, 2019 By Sherri Harrison 0 comments
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    1. Watch Band Material

    The band material is an important element you should always take note of when buying watches.
    If you want to achieve a slimmer look, go for a leather watch band. Meanwhile, a metal watch
    band would look heavier and larger because of the metal’s nature. A metal band is a primary
    choice for those with bigger wrists. However, at the end of the day, your choice will depend on
    your personal preference.

    2. Watch Band Width

    A well-proportioned timepiece typically has a band width of about one half of its case diameter.
    If your wear a watch that is 40mm, the width must be around 20mm in width. Most people would
    wear a timepiece with a wide band width. For men with bigger wrists, go for wider bands.
    Are you just shopping for watch cases, and would want to choose a band later, determine the
    width of the band based on the watch lug width.

    3. Watch Case Diameter

    When shopping for men’s watches in Malaysia, another factor you need to look into is the case
    diameter. Of course, this is the most noticeable and obvious proportion element. Watches for
    men typically range from 38 to 46mm. A diameter that is above 46mm is too large, and is
    normally reserved for flashy attires. To know the size that suits you best, measure your wrists accurately.

    4. Watch Case Thickness

    Watch case thickness is, at times, directly connected to the case diameter. Back in the day when
    mechanical timepieces are dominating the entire market, it is perceived that a thinner watch case
    was of higher quality. Well, that is no longer the case now. Quartz movements are rapidly
    gaining its place in the watch industry. The general rule here is, as the case diameter decreases or
    increases, the thickness does as well. The case’s thickness will typically be best proportioned to
    your own body if you pick the correct case diameter.

    5. Other Watch Details

    Don’t forget to double check the sizes of the different components of the timepiece. Notice the
    second hand, hours, numbers, changer, pusher and lug size. All of these components grow in
    thickness and size, and delivers the illusion of a bigger watch. Assess how the play along with
    the other watch elements.

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