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The Problem With Insomniac And A Night Owl

Everyone loves sleeping, the feeling after a long day of work to just end up in your cosy bed and fluffy pillow. Sleeping is extremely good for your body because it regenerates new cells and it lets your body heal. Not only that it mentally gives your brain a break and a rest from a long hard day. And the best and most accurate time to sleep would be at night. It’s a universal timing for everyone around the world to just sleep. It is set in that way because most of the work and daily stuff are done in the day, making the night the only time for you to rest.

best forex broker in IndonesiaTo some people they can just fall asleep within a click of time, and for some, it might take a while, several and turn and shift but eventually, they will fall asleep. And then there are the ones that can’t sleep no matter how hard they try. It’s like their brain just doesn’t want to turn off.  They are so active and comfortable during the night time. They are called insomniac or night owls.

There are several reasons why a person might be having trouble sleeping. The first would be the amount of stress you are undergoing. Stress can be bothering a person, making a person constantly thinking of problems for example financial struggles, family problems, work-related stress and many more.

Next is having irregular sleep, this is especially if you are working for those international companies and forex trading companies where you have to stay awake because you are awake to work for another country’s company. This plus the stress you already have causes even more impact on your mental health and your body health.  That is why using the best forex broker in Indonesia to reduce the workload and additional stress.

Next is lifestyle and habits such as using electronic devices before bedtime. Playing video games or watching movies during bedtimes can also influence your brain and activate it, making your brain less tired and more in a tense state. Caffeine and alcohol intake can also cause your body to feel sleepy, because it reboots your metabolism system, making you energetic and hyper. Also napping earlier in the day can make you feel less tired and sleep in the night, thus making you not sleep and carrying forward the cycle. 

The next reason is more severe and serious because it is related to mental health. If you are a person who has anxiety that it is possible you have trouble sleeping with all those thoughts and worries in your head. 40% of people who are bipolar and have depression have trouble sleeping and this gives them anxiety and stress, thus influencing your brain to do something worthwhile while you can’t sleep.

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