What Are The Disadvantages Of Mixing In Concrete?

The mixture was used by civil engineers and chemical manufacturers to achieve the desired properties of concrete, as they affect the braking properties and the hardness of the concrete. This mixture is completely unpredictable in terms of the effects shown on concrete in different doses. Mineral compounds (excluding silica smoke) are lightweight and no drastic effect can be found on concrete if the dose is increased slightly. The modified chemical compound based on lignosulfonates has an effective freezing effect and the dose of high plasticizer directly affects the viscosity of the mortar and thus affects the performance of the concrete.

The Marsh Cone Test gives extremely realistic results for some commercial cement / C ratio and the desired degradation and an effective dose of Superplasticizer. In Pakistan, the dose of high plasticizer does not exceed (-4.-4-4) per cent of the amount of cement, but its excess can cause shrinkage and crawl in severe conditions. High plasticizer lingoslavs should be used wisely as it can cause severe delays, excessive air absorption, excessive ease of mixing, and severe isolation (total separation with the rest of the mix). Before using a high-quality plasticizer, its compatibility with cement and working conditions should be carefully checked and then applied.

Wood has some drawbacks, but they are easy to ignore and remove as long as the cause is known.

Wood reduction and swelling: Wood is a hygroscopic substance. This means that it will absorb dirty vapors and lose moisture in the air below the saturation point of the fibres. Concrete is non-linear, complex, and easily breakable materiality is strong in pressure and very weak in pressure. Not suitable for small projects (requires concrete)

An efficient transportation system from the dosing plant to the construction site is needed. The substance is concentrated in the main crop and starts mixing in a single crop. Therefore, travel time between plants and sites is very important for long-distance. Some sites just need to escape, which can make precast concrete unusable due to its installation.

In general, ready-made trucks are large in size and can cover a large part of the road blocking other vehicles. Concrete has a limited time interval between mixing and curing, which means the ready mix must be placed within 211 minutes of batching at the plant. The concrete additives can be achieved by chemical suppliers or the chemical manufacturers of Malaysia.

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