What is the ‘Cutoff’ Seat in Poker?

If you’ve played some poker games in the Newtown Casino in Malaysia before, you will find that there are actually many different positions in a typical game of poker.

One of the positions in the game is called the CO or the ‘Cutoff’. Also referred to as the cutoff position or the cutoff seat, it is considered to be the second-best position in the game. What is the ‘cutoff’ and why is it special? Read on to find out.

How Did the Term Originate?

There is actually a lot of explanations as to why players came up with the name for such a position. First, in a typical friendly game of poker, the dealer (in the button position) would usually hand the cards to the player that is directly to their right and would ‘cut’ the cards after they have been shuffled. However, this doesn’t happen in a typical casino setting since there is a dedicated dealer and players are typically not allowed to cut cards.

Another possible explanation is that the moniker actually stems from the position being a pretty good one to cutoff the other players after the player in this position, especially when placing bets after a deal.

Players that are in the CO position is able to raise and, therefore, intimidate the players that are in the button, big blind, and small blind positions- thereby forcing them to fold.

What Are the Advantages of This Position?

There are many variations of poker games, but for the purpose of this article, I will only talk about Texas Hold’em since it is one of the easiest to explain.

Basically, in a typical Texas Hold’em game, the order of the player positions are as follows: small blind, big blind, under the gun, cutoff, and the button position. The dealer would typically be positioned just after the button position.

Take note that the button position would move with each hand so that every player will have a chance to gain a new position for every hand.

Once the deal has been made, all of the players will be given their first two pocket cards and the game will start with the player that is placed in the under the gun position. The player will have the chance to make their moves. They can either call, raise, or even fold their hand.

The advantage of the cutoff position is that they will know the moves of the players before them, as well as the possible strategies that are in play for the players succeeding them.

Should the other players fold their hands, the cutoff would be a good position from which to intimate the players in the small blind, button, and big blind positions- thereby, allowing the player from the cutoff position to steal their folds.

If a situation where the other players have raised and the cutoff player has a strong hand, the CO position is actually a pretty good position to be in, especially if you are trying to do a raise.