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What You Need To Know About Website Development Process

What are the steps involved in web development? Whether you’re a web developer, a web designer, or neither, we’ll bypass the never-ending discussion about how website development differs from website design in this post. The procedures for creating a website are generally the same, regardless of the website’s final aim, whether it is a firm’s online commercial appearance or a web application. A solid website building technique, if well-executed, can enable you to establish any form of website with excellent user traffic, pleasant consumer experience, and high engagement. However, it is advisable for you to hire custom website developers in Malaysia instead to avoid the hassle of web developing yourself. 


If your design team does not comprehend the goal and requirements of your project, they will never reach to this stage. The outcomes of your discovery sessions, together with research and analysis, will guide you down a path to effective web development. Planning include deciding on a technology base and software development approach, identifying objectives, and predicting the project’s duration and resources. Developing the contents and sitemap, wire framing, and establishing the layout, as well as UI and UX design, are all important considerations.


It’s time to get your hands on the website design once you’ve created a sitemap, wireframes, and a roadmap. This is where the innovative UI designers come in, collaborating with the client’s permission and the project’s requirements. The wireframes are turned into text, colour graphics, animations, buttons, menus, and other elements. One of the most significant considerations for the design is the intended audience. The design expresses how distinctive a website may be, and it is a significant aspect in ensuring a positive consumer experience. The site design must be captivating in order to make a positive impact on the user.

custom website developers malaysia


Following the approval of the design by all project stakeholders, the website’s development, which is a huge undertaking, is the next step. There is also the duty of content creation.

Testing and Deployment

There should be a series of rigorous, precise, and repetitive tests just before deploying the website to a domain after development to ensure that problems have been eliminated. Functionality, usability, compatibility, performance, and other factors are all tested by the testing team. All scripts must be tested by the development team to ensure that the site runs and displays correctly on all platforms and devices. It’s critical to demonstrate that the website is market-ready and ready to go live. Thorough testing identifies potential upgrades to the website that can be done.

Post-Deployment and Maintenance

After launching a website, there is still work to be done. Website upkeep, routine updates, and even the addition of new features are inevitable and may be required. This may be made easier by gathering feedback from website visitors. Maintenance, as the last step, is all about continuing to maintain and improve your project. 

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